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Client experience

At PRS we value our partnerships and recognise the importance of investing time and resources in getting to know your business and what your role requires. We believe that what makes a business thrive is having the right people in the right positions within the right environments.

We inherently appreciate our partners we work with, ensuring we offer a quality experience from initial engagement through to placement.

Our thorough process, bespoke candidate list and in-depth resourcing, guarantees we tailor pick individuals with outstanding qualifications, extensive experience, and the right mindset and attitude for your business and culture to thrive. 

Our Approach

We observe that each business and every role is different, we spend time directing the right attention and, focus on the areas that are crucial to you and your business needs. To achieve this we offer a ‘tailored to the client’ experience and service that supports and works with you to reach your organisation’s goals.

As a client, you will receive expert advice and will be paired with someone who understands the technical requirements of the industry and the intricacies of the different skills required. Whether that be sourcing a whole team, CTO or a software developer we ensure the right focus and energy is spent in the areas that most benefit you.

We believe that this inherent understanding and immersive approach forms solid foundations for great working relationships, and in turn providing excellent results.


Introduce ourselves and our services during an initial phone call, followed up by a face-to-face meeting if required.

Consult & Collaborate

The initial consultation will involve discussing your business as well as your current requirements in-depth, allowing us to collaborate on a potential recruitment strategy that would best fit your current needs. This will also ensure we can represent you in an authentic and informative way when approaching talent.


Once a recruitment strategy has been agreed we devise a ‘go-to market’ action plan, involving one of our many approaches including but not limited to job advertisements, proactive applicant searches through our extensive network and database, as well as active headhunting.

Screening & Selection

Each candidate is screened extensively either face to face or via telephone, to get a deep understanding of their wants, needs, skills and motivations to ensure we only select the most relevant talent for your business. This will involve reviewing, approving and rejecting each applicant to establish a shortlist to be submitted.


At this stage, we will present a shortlist of thoroughly vetted candidates, each with a cover letter summarising relevant skills and experience for the role.


Once presented we will have a follow-up feedback conversation about the shortlisted candidates to discuss your thoughts. We welcome continuous feedback and encourage it at all stages, to confirm a better understanding of your needs as the process evolves.


We will then arrange meetings or formal interviews between yourselves and the successful candidates.

Post Interview Evaluation

After the interview we will have a debrief to discuss your thoughts, the candidates feedback and how to proceed.


We will work with you and any successful candidate to ensure a successful transition phase during offer negotiations, acceptance, contract signing and eventual start.  


Once a candidate is successfully placed and has started, we will touch base with you to ensure the transition phase went well and offer any further assistance that may be required. 

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Senior IT Audit Manager

Boston, MA


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London, UK



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Director – Operational Restructuring



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