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CV Advice:

Our clients often tell us they are inundated with CV’s but still they struggle to fill roles, and our candidates inform us of past experiences, of applying for roles, and hearing nothing back – often leading to loss of confidence around their abilities to succeed in a role. This is most often not the case and just highlights the importance of having an excellent CV.

Your CV is not only the most crucial document you require for any job, it is also the first impression to any potential employer. It is an important chance to highlight and promote yourself.  

With our guidance and support, we can help ensure your CV Stands out from other candidates, highlighting your career experience, giving great talking points for interviews and playing into your strengths, highlighting you, your character and personality. We help elevate you and raise interest and excitement around you as a candidate for your new role. This is a fantastic starting point in helping you reach your aspirations for the future.

We can help showcase you and your career, in a way that stands out and helps you reach your full potential in securing the next stage of your career. 

Get in touch at info@prsresourcing.com if you’re interested in receiving our ‘CV Advice’ pack

Interview Advice:

We want the interview process to be exciting and fun for all our candidates, and we believe that with the right preparation and an amazing CV it can be both fun and informative for both parties.  

Successful interviews can often lead to offers and packages, that exceed the original expectation for the role. It sets the tone for your journey within the business and often opens unknown doors and possibilities. It’s not just a chance to discuss your CV and experience, but to show your personality, drive and passion across. 

Clients look for not only excellent experience but the right team and cultural fit is sometimes more of a focus – often stating that a dynamic, forward-thinking, team player is equally as important than the right qualifications. 

As part of our collaborative approach, we help prepare and guide you through the interview process, ensuring touchpoints and recaps along the way.

We ensure we are always up to date and informed by the client to make sure interviews go smoothly and so both parties are aware of the agenda and objectives of the interview. 

Get in touch at info@prsresourcing.com if you’re interested in receiving our ‘Interview Advice’ pack

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